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Transcendent Leadership represent many talents that have agreed at a deep level to come together to facilitate upleveling individuals, teams, departments, organizations, institutions, and corporations. We understand that all organizations are unique and we are committed to create the perfect cohort to facilitate your idea of the ideal. We listen and feel what will be needed to help you uplevel, co-create, communicate, evolve and organize your extraordinary team to meet your mission, vision and future to create and move forward in the unknown. 

We weave a beautiful tapestry of creatives, talents, skills, energy and care to create the perfect team for what you want to accomplish and achieve. 

About Lisa: Before moving into education and organizational development, Lisa Aldon had a 20 year career in engineering, serving first as Group Manager and later as Project Team Leader at design and manufacturing organizations. She holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering Tech from Arizona State University and a Masters in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego, where her focus on organizational development took her to the Basque Region of Spain to study and report on the Mondragon Cooperatives. Her ground breaking leadership model for Transcendent Leadership, published book in 2003,  still remains the forefront for cutting edge leadership theories and has been referenced many times in academic papers and other publications.

Lisa returned to New Mexico to become the Director of High School at the Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness where she also taught advanced math, physics and leadership. She then became a trainer and an educator, working for the Institute for Intercultural Community Leadership and later for a non-profit devoted to building youth leadership skills. She has also been a keynote speaker and has held workshops in organizational development and leadership at multiple companies with varying backgrounds. She was a Program Developer and instructor at the Workforce Training Center of Central New Mexico Community College. 

She recently came back to Engineering and back to San Diego as a Product Development Manager, creating a new west coast office for a Florida based Aerospace Engineering consulting firm. She is also a licensed Avatar Master, delivering courses in evolvement and enlightenment,  and author of an upcoming mystery series. 

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